Best Solar Powered Garden Lights

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The best solar powered garden lights are the lights that give you the longest charge and the brightest light, while maintaining their structure and good looks in your garden area. High-efficiency LED development has made solar garden lights more practical than they used to be. They are now very easy to install, and they can be used for security or decorative purposes.

Solar cells at the top of each light, or in the cell for each strand, use the sun’s energy to charge a battery during the day. The batteries that are the newest and most efficient will do a better job of holding a charge and transferring it to the light of the unit when dusk falls. The light bulb or more commonly used LED is also a factor in determining the best of all the various solar lights you can purchase.

Best Solar garden lights
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If you have an issue with a certain light unit, it will usually be the fault of the battery. Rechargeable batteries usually don’t last longer than two or three years. Models with batteries that last longer than that, or with batteries that you can replace, rather than buying a new light, are better than those with self-contained batteries. When those batteries go out, you’ll have to replace the whole unit.

If your solar lights last through the whole evening and night, then you have found some of the better units available. Some models only give off a few hours of light, which may work fine in the evening, but if you leave for work early in the morning, it will be in darkness.

The best garden solar lights will also be affected by those variables that are not dependent on the unit, such as a location that is too shady, winter weather with not enough hours of sunlight, and rainy days without much sun.

The better solar lights for your garden may also be more securely staked into the ground, with strong metal points rather than plastic points. As easy as these lights are to install, it unfortunately means they are also easy to steal. You can add cement around the stake after you mount your lights, but a thief might still be able to break off the unit at the stake and take the light and the solar cell.

The best solar powered garden lights will usually use LED’s instead of bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs have mercury in them, and can’t be disposed of with the regular trash, and incandescent bulbs, with their tungsten filaments, will use more power.

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