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Even if you are dreaming of a white Christmas, you should also strive to make it a green Christmas as well – that is, as environmentally friendly as it can be, in a season where millions of trees are cut down for us to put in our houses for a few weeks and then throw out. Consumers who are eco-conscious will decorate outdoors with Christmas solar garden lights, and these solar string lights are really gaining popularity. You don’t have to worry about finding an electrical outlet and it costs nothing to power these lights. Just get your solar panel in some sunlight and these LED Christmas lights will come on automatically at dusk or whenever you would like, and they should light up for at least 8 hours on a full charge. Check out some of these festive lights below.

You’re not harming nature if you decorate living, growing trees in your yard, rather than bringing a tree into the house. Solar Christmas lights don’t need an outlet – they have a solar cell that will collect and store energy from the sun during the day time, to use at night. The battery charges again each day, as long as there is sufficient sunlight.

Solar Christmas garden light
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LED lights used to be quite expensive, but these days, they are used more often in solar lighting, and they are now practical and affordable for almost any consumer. LED lights are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs – in fact, they use about eight times less power. That’s why they can be easily operated with a solar cell, since that cell can’t give you as much power as an electric outlet.

Solar garden lights for the Christmas season have a sensor in the solar cell that will turn the lights on when the sun goes down. They are normally accurate enough that your lights won’t come on during a rainy day, but they do need bright sun to charge up. Sunlight that filters through trees will lessen the amount of energy the solar cell can collect, unless you move the panel to a sunnier location now and then. If you are a truly green person, you can easily find a sunnier location for your solar panel, unless it’s rainy and dark out.
The Safety of Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas lights are also cooler when they are burning than traditional Christmas lights. You can use them on any shrubs or trees in your garden, without worry that they will start a fire, even if the weather is very dry. This is a huge reason alone to use LED Christmas lights rather than traditional as many holiday fires are started because of lights every year.

Using solar lights outdoors at Christmas will save you money on electricity, and also the purchase price of a tree, if you decorate a tree that grows in your own yard. Christmas solar garden lights also make an excellent gift idea for friends and relatives who are as ecologically conscious as you are. People passing by will enjoy your festive outdoor decorations, so you’ll be sharing the joys of the season with others, too.

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