Modern Solar Landscape Path Lights

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If you want to make the walkway to your house more safe at night, look into installing modern solar landscape path lights. They are easy to install, and except for the initial price, the lights will work for free.

Solar path lights can be mounted on poles or stakes that stick into the ground easily. You don’t need to worry about any wiring, since they have none, and they use no electricity. Be sure that you mount them in an area where they can be in direct sunlight all day, so that the solar cells will charge their internal batteries.

Solar powered lights used to be a bit cheap looking when they first came out, but now you can purchase models made with stainless steel and other materials that will look stately in the daytime and bright and welcoming at night. The older models you may be remembering were usually plastic, and they didn’t give off the kind of strong and steady light you can get with newer models. Don’t buy the cheapest lights you see, though, because you do get what you pay for, and they will probably wear out more quickly.

Solar landscape path lights
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Newer models of solar path lights come in multiple metal finishes and other materials of color, with styles that will fit into almost anyone’s garden or walkway design. They range from sleek, smooth modern lights to carriage style lights for your path.

The lights used to illuminate walkways are sometimes called solar path lights, since this is where people normally put them. They will also work wonderfully well in your garden or patio areas, too. They can be used to illuminate planters and flower beds, trellises or water features.

Current landscape solar lights used for pathways are much more efficient than the older models, but they aren’t spotlights. They only cast a glow of light a little ways away from where they are mounted. You may want to use a solar spot light or a traditional flood light if your pathway is exceptionally dark, and just use the solar landscape lights for accenting the path.

Solar path lights harness the energy of the sun, collecting it all day, and storing it until dusk, when their sensors turn them on. If you have a particularly shady pathway to your home, you may want to select lights on a strand, with one solar cell that can be mounted in a sunny spot. In this way, the solar energy can power all the lights on a strand. This type of solar cell will generally be larger. Modern solar landscape path lights are beautiful and functional as well.

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