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Solar flood lights are very popular lights to use for landscaping and for lighting up the paths around residences. As flood lights they are kind of like spot lights that can directly point some light in a certain direction. You can use them to light up your driveway at night time or even to shine light directly onto your house to make it stand out a little more. As solar lights they will not be as bright as regular flood lights that need to be plugged in, but solar power means you do not need to run power cords all over the place, and you also will be saving money on your power bill. So it will not matter how long these lights will be on because it will not be costing you an extra penny.

These solar flood lights use led lights instead of tungsten or cfl bulbs. These LED lights will not only use much less power to light up but they can also last for many more years than other types of bulbs.

Solar flood light
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There are two types of solar flood lights. Some of them have a solar panel for each light, and other types will use one big main solar panel and run that power to each of the flood lights. With the one solar panel you will still need to run wires to each light, but the larger solar panels will be able to produce much more power.

Flood lights are usually more powerful than just garden lights or landscaping lights, so the solar panel used for each solar light will be larger and capable of powering a brighter LED light. And with the new technology that these solar lights use, you might be surprised to see how bright a solar flood light can be. Just one of them can light up a driveway and provide enough light to walk around your driveway at night, but if you want to provide even more light you can just get a few more of these lights.

You can also get some motion activated solar power flood lights if you only want them to come on when someone walks by. This will make the light last much longer and will also conserve the energy produced by the solar panel since the light should only come on when some movement activates it.

If you want to be able to change the position of your flood light you can find one that has a rotating hinge on it as well. This comes in handy if you have two lights in one and you will be using the lights for different purposes at different times of the year, but a solar power wedge flood light will suit the needs of anyone who needs a light in the same place all the time. These lights are great for lighting up doorways or entrances and will give any homeowner a measure of added security without the added cost of electricity.

For anyone who wants to go green but still enhance their landscape at night, solar flood lights offer a great solution and are more affordable than ever. Check out some of the live eBay auctions in the listings above to find the right lights for you home. Any sales that result from these auctions help support our site and keep providing useful information for going green with solar garden lights.

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