Solar Garden Globe Lights

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There are many options for lighting up your patio or pathway with solar garden lights, but many people love the look of solar globe lights. They offer a very soft and ethereal lighting that is both elegant and subdued. Now that solar powered lights are a lot brighter than they used to be you can find great assortments of these globe shaped lights to put along your garden or just around your house.

These globe lights make a great way to see the path that leads to your house, but you can also use them in the back yard along a path. Pathways are a great way to utilize space in your yard, but unless you have a way to light the area at night it can only get used in broad daylight. You could of course run electrical wires underground to light your path or even use battery operated lights, but solar globe lights are simple, easy, and will last for a long time.

Solar Garden Globe Lights
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When solar landscape lights first came out, they were not bright at all, and even if you buy cheaper quality solar lights you will probably be disappointed with the brightness of them. But today’s technology has allowed companies to make much brighter solar garden lights that have batteries that will last for years longer as well. After all, a solar light is only as good as it’s battery. Even if the solar panels on top of the light are still good but the batter cannot hold a charge anymore, you will not be able to enjoy your solar lights any longer.

Solar globe lights come in a variety of colors. You can always get the typical white color, but the crackled glass solar lights have become fairly popular too. You can get these in reds, blues, greens — you name it. This way you can keep up with the seasons and use a solar light color and style that matches. So not only do they have a purpose, they also help to decorate the landscaping of your home as well.

It’s great coming home to a yard that is lit up with solar lights. And since they don’t cost anything to run, you don’t have to worry about buying a timer to turn them on and off. They will automatically come on after dusk and turn off again when the sun comes up and they can recharge themselves. They will usually not be that bright in the late morning right before the sun comes up, but most people use them late at night anyway.

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