Solar Garden Stake Lights

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Solar garden stake lights provide you with safe, sustainable, free energy, and they are quite environmentally friendly. They can easily pay for their initial cost within just months of their purchase. They don’t harm the environment, and they don’t use any deplete-able energy sources. They use the natural energy from the sun to illuminate your yard, garden, deck or patio.

Stake lights can enhance the beauty of your garden plants and flowers, as well as illuminating water features or landscape designs that you want to highlight or showcase. They will also give you a larger functional area for parties and barbeques that last into the evening or night.

Solar garden stakes lights
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Solar stake lights mount with the stake they are attached to, and have no wiring to trip over or try to bury, when you install them. Their solar cells collect free energy from the sun and store it in a battery until dusk, when a sensor turns them on. When your lights are placed in a correct position so that they receive enough sunlight during the day, the power panel changes from drawing to draining at dusk.

You can find various types of solar lights that will be beneficial in your garden, or along your drive or pathway. Stake lights are good for security purposes, even though they don’t illuminate the area as brightly as a traditional electric lights can. You can use solar lights for shed lights, spot lights and walkway lights.

When the holiday season approaches, you can utilize solar Christmas landscape lights and fairy lights. These are not normally mounted with stakes, but are usually on a strand, instead, with one solar cell for the strand. Staked solar lights are more practical for year round use, and they are easily mounted in the ground.

You can find solar stake garden lights in many different colors and styles, and they are able to withstand snow, rain, excessive cold and heat. Depending on the model and the duration of daytime sun, they can usually last for eight to ten hours into the night. They don’t require any routine maintenance, and they will remain working for quite a few years. The battery will usually wear out before the LED lights will, so you might want to find a model with a battery you can replace, so you don’t have to buy new lights when only the battery isn’t working properly anymore. Solar garden stake lights aren’t that expensive to purchase though, so you can replace individual lights or sets when you need to.

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