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Whether you are using a solar rock light to light your pathway in your garden or you just need a solar rock spot light, these landscaping lights powered by the sun are very popular right now. Many people use these lights as opposed to modern looking lights, so they can blend in with the natural landscape of their gardens. The rocks look very natural and you can get them in a variety of colors to make sure they blend right in with the natural environment around your house. Since solar rock lights are powered by the sun there is no need for running power cords and the lights are very green. They are also water resistant, can withstand all sorts of weather and they can be used to illuminate your sidewalk, house, trees, garden, patios, or deck. You can find some live eBay auctions below and find some great deals on these solar powered rock lights if you act fast.

Solar Powered Rock Light
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On top of each solar rock light is a solar panel which charges the battery inside of the rock. This battery is used to store up energy so that the lights will come on at night and illuminate your yard. Most of these lights use LED bulbs which will last MUCH longer than regular bulbs and they require less energy to light up. And with technology making LED lights more efficient all the time, it’s a great time to buy a solar rock spot light to shed some light on your property.

When trying to decide on which solar rock light to buy you need to look at several factors. Some of the cheaper models will only have enough power to burn their lights for a few hours, but the good ones will stay on for up to 10 hours. And if your rock lights are coming on at 9pm, you will want them to stay on at least until 7am. They probably will not be as bright at 7am, but with the sun coming up you will not need them to be. Most people will only see the lights late at night anyway, and not in the wee hours of the morning.

The batteries in solar rock lights will not last forever, unfortunately, and might have to be replaced every 2-3 years. Most of these solar powered lights come with rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries that are AA, and since this battery size is so common you can always buy better batteries that will last longer.

You will also want to make sure your landscape lights are corrosion resistant. If you are using rock solar spot lights on your property then they will most likely be exposed to the elements of nature and will need to be able to withstand the rain, snow, and sleet that could ruin the light if it is not rated to handle those conditions. Look at the listings above and find a light or set of solar powered rock lights that will meet this demands and you will have a great light show for free every evening. Then all you have to do is hope for sunny days so they can power your lights.

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