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Solar string lights are the perfect solution for decorating your railing, porch, bushes, or yard trees with festive lights without having to worry about power cords and using extension cords all over the place. And with LED technology getting better all the time, these solar string lights are actually brighter than ever before. The setup for these lights cannot be any easier. You simply setup the lights how you want them, make sure the solar panel has good visibility to the sun, and you are done. Just pray for some sunny days and let the night come alive with colorful lights that require no extra money form the electric bill.

Solar string lights
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How solar string lights have gained so much popularity

Although all of use love the festive lights at Christmas time, not many of us love setting them up. First you have to untangle the whole mess of lights and then see which bulbs are still working, and then you have to find long enough extension cords and make sure you don’t throw a breaker when you string too many lights on one breaker. Well these lights fix all that and make it easy, but a big reason they have gotten so popular is that people are more energy conscious and budget conscious as well. When you are burning these lights all night long it can add a lot to the electric bill. But once you buy a set of solar string led lights you no longer have to pay a single penny to keep the lights burning, so you will probably leave them up even later in to the season and get to enjoy them for much longer. And with the added LED bulbs that burn brighter and more efficiently than ever, you will not have to worry about replacing bulbs either. LED lights last MUCH longer than regular tungsten bulbs and you can get just as many colors with them too.

Solar String Lights for Places Far from Electrical Outlets

Sometimes you need lights around a tree or bush that is far from the house or an electrical outlet. This is the perfect scenario for solar powered lights. You simply set them up and let the sun do the powering. They will turn on automatically at dusk if you want, and on a full charge they can burn for up to 8 hours. One small solar panel can usually power about 100 led lights and these strings come in about 33 ft lengths. You can check out some of these lights in the eBay listings above. These proceeds help us to keep this site running and we are constantly on the lookout for new led solar lights that are changing the industry.

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