What Are the Longest Lasting Brightest Solar Garden Lights

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With all the various makes and models of solar lights on the market, it’s wise to ask yourself what are the longest lasting, brightest solar garden lights. Since they have no wiring, they are much easier to install than traditional lights, but they usually only have a small bank of AA, AAA or other size rechargeable batteries in each unit.

The LED lights used in most modern solar lighting applications run very efficiently after the sun goes down, and LED lights are typically brighter than are solar lights with non-LED filament bulbs. Actually, LED’s aren’t light bulbs at all, they are light-emitting diodes. If you have a quality brand of solar garden lights, their photovoltaic cells can produce a longer lasting, brighter light.

Long lasting solar garden lights
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The light in an LED “bulb” is produced by exciting the electrons in the unit, and since it won’t produce unwanted heat, the LED’s can last longer and shine more brightly. The colors may range from bright white to amber to red. Most garden lights on the market now have LED lights.

In addition to the type of light, the solar cell’s ability to produce energy will also determine how bright your lights will be, and how long they will last. The newer and more efficient circuitry on modern lights will allow the cell to pass more power to the lights. Modern batteries also last longer, and some solar LED lights can light for a longer period of time even when charged with less sunlight than usual. Also important in the length of time a light is able to remain lit is the color on the solar cell cover, since a panel that lets in more light can put out more energy.

Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries work more efficiently in solar lights than do Nickel-cadmium batteries. They are harder working and can stand up to the constant charging and discharging better than NiCad batteries. The size of batteries in a solar light is also an important part of determining how long the lights will last and how bright they can shine.

Accent lights used in gardens usually have the lowest output of light of any of the types of solar garden lights. Path lights disperse more light, since they are made to light up a walkway or path in your yard. Spotlights or task lights are the brightest of solar lights, and these can give off as much illumination as a 40 watt standard bulb. In short, battery type and size, and the type of bulb or diode go a long way in answering the question – what are the longest lasting, brightest solar garden lights?

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